It’s said that when God was dividing the land on Earth between all its peoples, he quietly kept back the most precious part for himself. When he had finished the distribution and all the nations had a land to call their own, he realised that he had forgotten the Dalmatians. He looked at them and said, “Well, I was keeping this for myself, but since there’s nothing else left, I’ll give it to you. After all, I still have Paradise…”

While previously they called it Illyricum, at a certain point in history, the Romans named this whole area – from Slovenia to Albania – ‘Dalmatia’.
In the 19th century most Dalmatians liked to see Dalmatia, within its present-day borders, as a bridge connecting the Slavonic and the Mediterranean worlds. An area that, far from of dividing them, connects these diverse cultures and religions.
And for our part, we like to see it in this light too. That’s why we offer not only the tours through Dalmatia/Croatia but also through the surrounding countries like Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Albania.

So, here is Dalmatia, the land most beloved of God.
The most beautiful region of the Mediterranean desired by all the great powers in their time, but still never possessed by any but the Dalmatians themselves.
Different empires, from the Illyria to Ancient Greece, from Rome to Byzantium, laid claim to it. Then came the Venetians, Austrians, French, British, Serbs and finally the Croats, but Dalmatia has never lost its identity, its spirit.

It is where the Silk Road begins and it’s from here that Marco Polo set out for the Far East.
It’s where East and West meet and mingle.
You might say that the Mediterranean is, in a way, ‘Middle Earth’.
A plethora of timeless medieval stone cities; more than a thousand islands and islets: on one side dry, rocky, thirsty land but on the other verdant vineyards and olive groves; rich fishing grounds which yield an abundance of mouth-watering fish; cultural and architectural wealth in every corner of its towns and cities; enchantingly seductive beaches and breathtaking natural beauty.
Populated by the most relaxed and hospitable people you would ever wish to meet. They respect their own heritage but are always eager to learn from others. Traditionally Dalmatians are among the best seafarers in the world. They are also the producers of the most exciting (but still relatively unknown) wines… and delicious food.

Escape your world to immerse yourself in ours: feel the magic of Dalmatia and feel the spirit… 
the Spirit of Dalmatia.

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